Return a string representation of this PauliTerm without its coefficient and with implicit qubit indices.

If an iterable of qubits is provided, each character in the resulting string represents a Pauli operator on the corresponding qubit. If qubit indices are not provided as input, the returned string will be all non-identity operators in the order. This doesn’t make much sense, so please provide a list of qubits. Not providing a list of qubits is deprecated.

>>> p = PauliTerm("X", 0) * PauliTerm("Y", 1, 1.j)
>>> p.pauli_string()
>>> p.pauli_string(qubits=[0])
>>> p.pauli_string(qubits=[0, 2])

of qubits (iterable) – The iterable of qubits to represent, given as ints. If None, defaults to all qubits in this PauliTerm.

Return type



The string representation of this PauliTerm, sans coefficient