pyquil.paulis.suzuki_trotter(trotter_order, trotter_steps)[source]

Generate trotterization coefficients for a given number of Trotter steps.

U = exp(A + B) is approximated as exp(w1*o1)exp(w2*o2)… This method returns a list [(w1, o1), (w2, o2), … , (wm, om)] of tuples where o=0 corresponds to the A operator, o=1 corresponds to the B operator, and w is the coefficient in the exponential. For example, a second order Suzuki-Trotter approximation to exp(A + B) results in the following [(0.5/trotter_steps, 0), (1/trotter_steps, 1), (0.5/trotter_steps, 0)] * trotter_steps.

  • trotter_order (int) – order of Suzuki-Trotter approximation

  • trotter_steps (int) – number of steps in the approximation

Return type

List[Tuple[float, int]]


List of tuples corresponding to the coefficient and operator type: o=0 is A and o=1 is B.