Quil-T Waveforms

All Quil-T waveforms have corresponding PyQuil syntax objects. For example, a waveform written in Quil-T syntax as flat(iq: 1.0, duration: 1e-5) corresponds to a FlatWaveform object.

FlatWaveform(duration, iq[, scale, phase, …])

A flat (constant) waveform.

GaussianWaveform(duration, fwhm, t0[, …])

A Gaussian pulse.

DragGaussianWaveform(duration, fwhm, t0, …)

A DRAG Gaussian pulse.

HrmGaussianWaveform(duration, fwhm, t0, anh, …)

A Hermite Gaussian waveform.

ErfSquareWaveform(duration, risetime, …[, …])

A pulse with a flat top and edges that are error functions (erf).

BoxcarAveragerKernel(duration[, scale, …])

Custom Waveforms

Custom waveform definitions, introduced in Quil-T with DEFWAVEFORM, have a corresponding DefWaveform object. These are referenced in PyQuil with WaveformReference.