If you’re having any trouble running your pyQuil programs locally or on the QPU, please check the following things before sending a support request. It will save you time and make it easier for us to help!

  1. Ensure that your pyQuil version is up to date. If you’re using pip, you can do this with pip freeze. Within your script, you can use __version__:

    import pyquil

    You can update pyQuil with pip using pip install pyquil --upgrade. You can find the latest version available at our releases page or on PyPi.

2. If the error appears to be authentication-related, refer to the QCS CLI documentation.

  1. Run your script with debug logging enabled. If you’re running a script, you can enable that using an environment variable:

    LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG pyquil
    import logging
    from pyquil.api._logger import logger

If the problem still isn’t clear, then we can help! Please contact us at our support page. Thanks for using pyQuil!