Welcome to the Docs for pyQuil!

As a component of the Rigetti Forest SDK, pyQuil allows you to build and execute Quil programs using Python. pyQuil requires installation of the other components of the Forest SDK, namely the Quil compiler (quilc) and the Quantum Virtual Machine (QVM), used for simulating quantum computers. You can also use pyQuil to run programs against real quantum computers using Rigetti’s Quantum Cloud Services (QCS).

To learn more about Quil, the Forest SDK, and QCS, visit the Rigetti docs site.

If you’re new to pyQuil, we hope this documentation will serve as a helpful reference. Head to Installation and Getting Started to get started.


If you’ve used pyQuil before, be sure to check out Migrating from pyQuil v2 to v3 for help with moving to the newest pyQuil release.


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