Source code for pyquil.quantum_processor.qcs

from typing import List, Optional

import networkx as nx

from qcs_sdk import QCSClient
from qcs_sdk.qpu.isa import InstructionSetArchitecture, get_instruction_set_architecture

from pyquil.external.rpcq import CompilerISA
from pyquil.noise import NoiseModel
from pyquil.quantum_processor import AbstractQuantumProcessor
from pyquil.quantum_processor.transformers import qcs_isa_to_compiler_isa, qcs_isa_to_graph

[docs]class QCSQuantumProcessor(AbstractQuantumProcessor): """ An AbstractQuantumProcessor initialized with an ``InstructionSetArchitecture`` returned from the QCS API. Notably, this class is able to serialize a ``CompilerISA`` based on the architecture instructions. """ quantum_processor_id: str _isa: InstructionSetArchitecture noise_model: Optional[NoiseModel] def __init__( self, quantum_processor_id: str, isa: InstructionSetArchitecture, noise_model: Optional[NoiseModel] = None, ): """ Initialize a new QCSQuantumProcessor. :param quantum_processor_id: The id of the quantum processor. :param isa: The QCS API ``InstructionSetArchitecture``. :param noise_model: An optional ``NoiseModel`` for configuring a noisy quantum_processor on the ``QVM``. """ self.quantum_processor_id = quantum_processor_id self._isa = isa self.noise_model = noise_model
[docs] def qubits(self) -> List[int]: return sorted(node.node_id for node in self._isa.architecture.nodes)
[docs] def qubit_topology(self) -> nx.Graph: return qcs_isa_to_graph(self._isa)
[docs] def to_compiler_isa(self) -> CompilerISA: return qcs_isa_to_compiler_isa(self._isa)
def __str__(self) -> str: return "<QCSQuantumProcessor {}>".format(self.quantum_processor_id) def __repr__(self) -> str: return str(self)
[docs]def get_qcs_quantum_processor( quantum_processor_id: str, client_configuration: Optional[QCSClient] = None, timeout: float = 10.0, ) -> QCSQuantumProcessor: """ Retrieve an instruction set architecture for the specified ``quantum_processor_id`` and initialize a ``QCSQuantumProcessor`` with it. :param quantum_processor_id: QCS ID for the quantum processor. :param timeout: Time limit for request, in seconds. :param client_configuration: Optional client configuration. If none is provided, a default one will be loaded. :return: A ``QCSQuantumProcessor`` with the requested ISA. """ isa = get_instruction_set_architecture(client=client_configuration, quantum_processor_id=quantum_processor_id) return QCSQuantumProcessor(quantum_processor_id=quantum_processor_id, isa=isa)