pyquil.quantum_processor.transformers.graph_to_compiler_isa module

exception pyquil.quantum_processor.transformers.graph_to_compiler_isa.GraphGateError[source]

Bases: ValueError

Signals an error when creating a CompilerISA from an nx.Graph. This may raise as a consequence of unsupported gates.

pyquil.quantum_processor.transformers.graph_to_compiler_isa.compiler_isa_to_graph(compiler_isa: CompilerISA) Graph[source]

Generate an nx.Graph based on the qubits and edges of any CompilerISA.

pyquil.quantum_processor.transformers.graph_to_compiler_isa.graph_to_compiler_isa(graph: Graph, gates_1q: List[str] | None = None, gates_2q: List[str] | None = None) CompilerISA[source]

Generate an CompilerISA object from a NetworkX graph and list of 1Q and 2Q gates. May raise GraphGateError if the specified gates are not supported.

  • graph – The graph topology of the quantum_processor.

  • gates_1q – A list of 1Q gate names to be made available for all qubits in the quantum_processor. Defaults to DEFAULT_1Q_GATES.

  • gates_2q – A list of 2Q gate names to be made available for all edges in the quantum_processor. Defaults to DEFAULT_2Q_GATES.